Living off the land is a matter of course in Vermont.  Our chef sources ingredients from local farms to create a menu of familiar yet inimitable fare. Beverages at Copper Grouse incorporate mostly American wines, craft-brewed beers and many local spirits, including one of our favorites: whiskey. Our cocktails are anchored in classics, and are often influenced by American history or literature. Service is as warm and thoughtful as the ambience, so you’ll always feel you’re right where you belong.

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Nicolas Houlbert is a seasoned executive chef with over 30 years of experience. He has helped several acclaimed restaurants achieve their Michelin stars, namely Ze Kitchen Galerie and Mavrommatis, both in Paris. A native of France, Houlbert developed a love for cooking while watching his mother cook daily for the family, using vegetables from the garden and buying products from local farms and markets.
Following his success in France, Houlbert moved to New York in 2015 to work for celebrity chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud as executive chef at both Bar Boulud and Epicerie Boulud. Here Houlbert utilized his extensive classical French training while developing a keen understanding of the American palate. Inspired by both his native France and his more recent travels around the world, Houlbert’s cuisine marries classic French technique with modern flavors. His dishes speak for themselves, highlighting seasonal and local ingredients through simple yet refined preparations.


'Chef Nicolas has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in France and stirred up a following here since his arrival. With the assistance of Executive Sous Chef Aaron Forfa, Chef Nicolas has served some of the tastiest food I’ve had this year.'

- Gordon Dossett, Manchester Journal


Lead Bartender, Patrick Cote-Abel Patrick Cote-Abel is a 29-year-old from rural Vermont who joined Copper Grouse in 2019, and quickly worked his way up to lead bartender. Patrick’s mixology journey reflects a blend of Vermont’s tranquility and his inventive approach to crafting drinks. His creations go beyond the ordinary, weaving a story of creativity that challenges the conventional cocktail experience. In every pour, Patrick infuses a piece of Vermont’s rustic charm, making him a distinctive, friendly force behind our bar. Cheers to Patrick, the artisan of unconventional libations.

sourced from local farms

Discover the treasure trove of local farms found all around Vermont (as well as New Hampshire and Pennsylvania) that make 
farm-to-table fare at The Copper Grouse possible.